From the first conversation with Linette, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable opening up. She was a breath of fresh air. Linette never judged me, she made me feel safe and secure confiding in her. She has helped me to get through many difficult situations that have arisen and helped me to deal with my past. She managed to break down barriers that I had always put up and shown me there is a better way to live my life without being scared. She has shown me not how to be a better person but how to be the best possible “me” I can be.

Michelle, Administrative Assistant, NSW


Linette is a very patient and intuitive counsellor who takes the time to listen and lets you think things through. I quickly felt comfortable talking with her about sensitive matters and letting myself open up. Her comments and advice were great and the process was very helpful and healing.

Michael, General Manager, NSW


Lin is a wonderful, kind, down to earth, calm and insightful counsellor who really believes in finding the best in people and helping them realise their potential. It’s not just a job for her.

Anna, Artist, Qld


Excellent counsellor, very easy to talk to, very understanding and helpful.

Keith, Engineer, Qld


Linette is the best. She really understands you and is devoted to helping.
Alyssa, Mother, Qld