My Approach


Linette’s Approach:

Within the individual and couples therapy sessions, I use most evidence-based therapies including Solution-Focused (creating real solutions that work for the individual client) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (focusing on thought patterns, behaviour, and how we react in order to gain a better understanding of our issues and ourselves).


19402974878_e924a0572c_bMy approach begins with exploring any concerns or issues you may be facing with compassion and understanding. After discussing family history, past and present relationships or traumatic events, we gently illuminate the cause(s) of the issues that presently affect you. Once we discover an awareness of the underlining issues, we can ascertain effective and individualised strategies to help you meet your goals in creating a life that is fulfilling to you.


It is my aim to make you feel at ease straight away, valued, respected and without judgement.