Adult Group Therapy

Adult Group Therapy

In a group, you gain the most when you talk about your feelings. However, you are the one who determines how much you disclose. There is no pressure to tell your innermost thoughts and feelings. You take it at your pace.

The benefits of group therapy is you not only receives the intervention from the group leaders, but also from observing others with similar issues and receiving feedback from the other group members. In this process, the members recognise they are not alone in their feelings. The distressing veils of isolation are lifted. This creates a sense of connectedness and belonging.


The next Group Therapy for adults is Self-Acceptance Group Therapy

Self-acceptance can affect everyone at some stage in life. It’s when those feelings of self-loathing and dislike for oneself creates depression and immobilizes us from experiencing life to the fullest with rewarding jobs, healthy relationships, fulfilling friendships, balanced lifestyle, inner serenity and peace. It may even stop us from finding love, expressing love and just as important…accepting love.

Ask yourself…

Do you feel you are not good enough?

Do you suffer from depression, shame or guilt?

Do you feel you always have bad luck? Everyone else has a better relationship, better job, better friends, better family, social life, etc.

Do you avoid social gatherings/events because they make you anxious or uncomfortable because you feel you don’t fit in?

Do you feel if people knew the “real” you, they wouldn’t like you?

Do you show a false image to the world in order to have people like and/or accept you? And are you exhausted by maintaining this image?

Do you hate or are ashamed by:

*             Your body

*             Your image

*             Your personality

*             Your desires

*             Your sexuality or gender

*             Your (insert here your areas of self-hatred)

Do you feel you need to please people even at the expense of your own needs?

Do you compare yourself to others, wishing you were someone else?

Do you feel you don’t deserve love, to be valued or respected?

If you can relate to some of the above or even all of them, you may need help with self-acceptance.

The 10 week program includes exercises to help build self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth and self-respect. Each week you will gain valuable techniques and strategies to help guide you towards living a life of empowerment, expression and self-acceptance.





Our mission is to create confident teenagers with skills to handle life’s challenges while developing emotional well-being, self-empowerment, resilience and community connectedness.